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What parallels are there between the two films and their heroines: Pride and Prejudice vs. Bridget Jones’s Diary


Darbas anglų kalba. Dviejų filmų ("Pride and Prejudice" ir "Bridget Jones's Diary") pagrindinių veikėjų palyginimas. Darbas iliusttruotas nuotraukomis.


A year or so ago, I had the opportunity to see the film in the romantic comedy genre inspired by a classic work of literature. "Bridget Jones’s Diary" attempted to do with Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, that is, bring a more updated and modern point-of-view to an old work. Naturally, a story of this nature demanded that a more modern attitude be adopted. Miss Elizabeth Bennet, heroine of the tale, was now Bridget Jones, a thirty-something assistant at a London advertising agency. Wickam was now Daniel Cleaver, Bridget’s boss, and Mr. Darcy, the prideful gentleman with "ten thousand a year" was Mark Darcy, a prominent human rights barrister.
In the original, the extent of Elizabeth’s attentions to Wickam were exclusive conversations with him at neighborhood parties and the promise of an additional dance with him at the Christmas ball. Within days of forming her attachment, however, the more "liberated" Bridget is engaging in Wednesday night sleepovers and romantic weekend getaways with Cleaver. This may have something to do with how differently Elizabeth reacted to the faithlessness of Wickam compared to Bridget’s discovery of Cleaver’s infidelity. Elizabeth recognizes that her vanity only has been injured. Bridget finds herself humiliated, broken-hearted and in an awkward career position. She comforts herself, as she often does, by indulging in a self-induced drunken stupor.
At this point, both Elizabeth and Bridget realize that some serious personal changes are in order. Elizabeth aware that she has allowed her vanity to get the better of herself, remarks, "until this moment, I never knew myself." She begins to scrutinize herself more sharply, and it is her courtship with Mr. Darcy that ultimately helps her to refine the flaws in her character. The goals of Bridget’s "self-help" regime are slightly narrower in scope. They are to: lose twenty pounds, stop smoking, drink less and find a sensible boyfriend. Interestingly, for all of her twenty-first century feminism, Bridget sees herself as valuable to men only in aesthetic and sexual terms. It’s hard to see how she is more "liberated" than her nineteenth century counterpart. ...

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